At Certus, we take digital consulting to where your company needs it. In a digital environment that is evolving in leaps and bounds, we anticipate your company’s needs in terms of cybersecurity and other relevant areas related to the digital market in Spain. Discover now what our experts in digital legal advice can bring to your business.


Privacy and Data Protection

We help your organization, with a comprehensive digital consulting service, be prepared to cope with and comply with privacy and data protection laws and regulations.

Adaptation to the GDPR

Our digital consulting services cover the adaptation to our clients’ GDPR and other local regulations, as well as the maintenance of their privacy system. With Certus’ digital legal advice, you can rest assured of the following:

  • adaptation of internal documentation that allows proper management of personal data in the company;
  • preparation of information clauses for effective compliance with the duty to inform;
  • analysis of the website and preparation of legal texts, with recommendations for its adaptation to the applicable regulations (LSSI, GDPR);
  • drafting of contracts for the structuring of legal relationships with third parties;
  • development of internal policies and procedures;
  • carrying out a risk analysis of the processing of personal data, as well as the identification and adoption of security measures to guarantee a correct level of security to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data;
  • legal defense in sanctioning or inspection procedures, as well as the resolution of conflicts;
  • application of Whistleblowing programs;
  • audit management;
  • advice on online marketing, specializing in Adtech.
  • the organization of training programs.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a new figure introduced by the GDPR, in charge of ensuring compliance with data protection regulations in the company. Certus digital consultancy experts provide you with the DPO outsourcing service. A personalized model that adapts to the characteristics of your organization to ensure the correct treatment of the company’s liability information. The DPO functions that you can outsource with Certus are:

  • inform and advise the company and the employees involved in the processing of data;
  • monitor compliance with EU or Member State data protection regulations;
  • report on the design stage of new products or services (Privacy by Design)
  • design and implement procedures for the management of security breaches and attention to the rights of the interested parties;
  • act as a point of contact with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD);
  • raise awareness and regularly train staff on data protection and information security;
  • carry out risk analysis and data protection impact assessments (DPIAs);
  • solve queries and attend to the exercise of the rights of the interested parties, as well as legally defend in sanctioning or inspection procedures.


At Certus, we take pride in being able to provide digital advice which covers all aspects related to your operations in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Our experts can act as legal advisors for the conception, strategic design, production, and startup of disruptive businesses based on blockchain technology, such as:

  • legal advice on blockchain and DLT regulatory issues;
  • business model feasibility study;
  • legal assistance in the field of Smart Contracts and assessment of their implications and risks;
  • legal advice on cryptocurrencies, tokens, and asset tokenization;
  • guidance on documentation and review of materials for the Initial Coin Offering and Security Token Offering (ICO/STO);
  • advising on the taxation of crypto assets;
  • advice on the tokenization of digital artworks through NFTs, as well as the rights that assist artists, marketplaces, or buyers of crypto art;
  • assistance in preparing Tokenomics/Whitepapers for blockchain projects;
  • training sessions.


At Certus, we understand that our customers have legal needs in cryptocurrency transactions and beyond the general aspects of running a business.



Protect your organization and your company’s data with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

The digital revolution and its impact on businesses are becoming increasingly widespread. As a result, we are aware of the importance for our clients of having a Governance, Risk, and Compliance model that provides them with the necessary tools to develop their activity, together with the most significant guarantees and an integrated approach to risk management. That’s why Certus’ digital legal advice offer is continually updated and expanded.

Our cybersecurity-related services include:

  • identification of risks in a way that allows them to be addressed in a way that will enable their proper management and mitigation through the application of appropriate security measures (technical and organizational);
  • development of internal policies in line with business objectives that allow to respond effectively to possible risks and manage them in such a way as to ensure compliance with current company regulations;
  • implementation of internal procedures for the management of security incidents;
  • advice for coordinating the response to security breaches, investigating the origin, and drafting documentation for the notification to the competent authorities and affected subjects.


In the 21st century, technology and business law are closely linked. For this reason, at Certus, we act as your outsourced legal advisor on technological contracting in the following areas:

  • Preparing and reviewing technology contracts with customers and suppliers related to technology (software development and distribution, licenses, computer services, lead capture, advertising/Adtech, NDAs, etc.).
  • Feasibility analysis of projects involving the use of intellectual or industrial property assets and the legal advice of disruptive businesses.
  • Trademark management and its processing before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and even before the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).
  • Processing of web domains before ICANN.
  • Accompanying our clients in the negotiation processes of contracts with an eminent technological base, as well as resolving conflicts that may arise in intellectual and industrial property.

Technology Outsourcing

Our technology outsourcing service at Certus involves our specialists in the area of Business Law. The digital legal advice you need for your business.


Intellectual and Industrial Property

Certus know that your brand is one of your company’s or organization’s most critical assets. Defending your brand’s interests is essential to our digital consulting services.

Our experts can analyze the feasibility of projects using intellectual or industrial property assets. We also help you manage your brand and process its registration in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, and even the World Intellectual Property Office.

Your domain represents your brand in the digital world, so we advise you and process registration with ICANN. You will be offered digital advice in case there is any conflict regarding domain ownership.

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