At Certus we take digital consulting to where your company needs it. In a digital environment that is evolving in leaps and bounds, we anticipate your company’s needs in terms of cybersecurity, data protection, intellectual property and other relevant areas related to the digital market in Spain.


Privacy and Data Protection

We help prepare your organisation to cope with and comply with Spanish privacy and data protection laws and regulations.

Our digital consulting services also cover the advice and training of employees and collaborators, as well as the preparation of documentation for a correct structuring of relationships with third parties. Our experts can prepare your legal defence in disciplinary procedures or design internal reporting channels.

As for privacy and data in the digital marketing and e-commerce environment, we can advise you on telemarketing and on drafting and reviewing the legal texts of your company and its website.
In addition, our services focused on compliance with privacy and data protection regulations include:

  • Audits of corporate policies and practices;
  • Adaptation of contractual documents, forms and regulatory bodies to the GDPR;
  • Writing of corporate policies and procedures;
  • Writing of documentation for the structuring of legal relationships with third parties;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Whistleblowing programmes;
  • Advice on online marketing.


At Certus we take pride in being able to provide digital advice that covers all aspects related to your operations in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Our experts can act as legal advisors for the documentation and review of materials for your Initial Coin Offering and Security Token Offering (ICO/STO).

Our advisors remain at the forefront of the sector in Spain and, for example, they can also advise you on Smart Contracts. These digital contracts are unique and, therefore, a correct evaluation of the possible implications and risks will give you the peace of mind you need to continue growing your business.


At Certus we understand that our clients have legal needs in their cryptocurrency transactions and beyond the general aspects of running a business.



Protect your organisation and your company’s data with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

We offer digital advice on risks and classification of possible gaps and/or violations, we draft policies and preventive practices, we review and document relationships with third parties (contracts and liability regime negotiations) and we define and implement response modalities, operating procedures and training programmes.

But we are also aware of the risks of digital environments and are prepared to coordinate the response to security breaches, investigate the origin and draft the documentation to notify the affected subjects. If necessary, we also offer legal defence services in cybersecurity-related conflicts. A secure digital environment is possible with Certus.


With our experienced multidisciplinary team, we can advise you on the technology and business sector and market in digital environments.

Our digital advice in technology outsourcing includes drafting of outsourcing, licensing and software assignment contracts (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS). You can also count on Certus for advice on e-commerce, electronic signatures and web domain management, without forgetting that we can help you develop blockchain projects.

Of course, our Spanish legal advisors will help you with the drafting and review of commercial contracts for the correct development of your technology projects and applications. And, in the event of a technology conflict, we will prepare your legal defence. At Certus we get involved in your path to success.

Technology outsourcing

For our technology outsourcing service, at Certus we involve our specialists in the area of Business Law.


Intellectual and industrial property

Certus knows that your brand is one of the most important assets of your company or organisation. Defending your brand’s interests is an essential part of our services in the digital environment.

Our experts can analyse the feasibility of projects involving the use of intellectual or industrial property assets. We also help you manage your brand and process its registration in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office and even in the World Intellectual Property Office. In the digital world, your domain represents your brand, so we advise you and process registration with ICANN, and you will be offered digital advice in case there is any conflict regarding domain ownership.

Contact us and improve your business.

Looking for a legal partner to cover your digital consulting needs? Certus is your legal counselling firm in Spain for the digital world. From the defence and management of your intellectual property to the suggestions of our legal advisors on money laundering in the area of cryptocurrencies. Contact us so we can tell you everything our lawyers for startups can do for your business.

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