Certus has a team of specialised legal advisors for companies and individuals, both in Spain and internationally. Our professional and specialised experience as Spanish legal consultants in different legal areas allows us to help our clients to develop and implement business strategies quickly and efficiently.



If you are looking for legal advisors to help you face the challenges of the commercial area and of corporate and contract law in Spain, at Certus we have a team of specialised professionals and solid experience in the field.

Our corporate legal advice will reassure you that your corporate relationships are in good hands. We can help you in your agreements between partners or any type of operation during your company’s life, as well as to corporate bodies and derived liability actions.

You can count on Certus if you need legal counsellors in Spain that make it easy for you to carry out asset and equity transfer operations or who can offer advice on commercial contracts.


Do you need to defend your organisation from any criminal liability of a third party? With the new criminal law situation, which seeks to protect companies from any crimes that may be committed by their workers or managers, Certus’s professional legal advisors are embracing a new role. We can help you with the implementation of compliance programmes, with the review of policies that are already implemented in your organisation and, also, with the training of your workers.

Since we care about the legal and criminal security of your company and your workers, we help you with a team of Spanish legal professionals who are experts in the area.

Regulatory compliance

The reform of the Spanish Criminal Code has forced companies and organisations to implement an ethical culture that reduces or eliminates the risk of incurring a penalty.


Money laundering

Due to changes in legislation, companies and individuals must receive good advice on fighting money laundering.

Are you unsure what type of acts and transactions are subject to the legislation covering the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism? Put your concerns aside and let our legal consultants take care of everything.

At Certus we advise you on everything related to compliance with the money laundering regulations and, in particular, on the implementation of protection policies, the monitoring of inspections and communication with the person responsible for preventing money laundering.


Our specialised legal services for property include a prior analysis of compliance with money laundering regulations and the most efficient legal and fiscal structures in the purchase and sale of real estate in Spain. We advise you on financing and granting loan guarantees, a field in which our work in the hotel sector stands out.

We also develop preliminary legal and fiscal due diligence reports, analyse the fiscal impact for foreigners in tax matters and advise you on the preparation and negotiation of sales, leasing and hotel management contracts.

Real estate advice

Our team has extensive experience and specialised training in property transfer operations of any size or value.


Labour law advice

Our clients face labour challenges every day. Even more so in a changing economic and regulatory environment that requires a very high level of experience and specialisation.

Over the years, we have served as legal advisors in the workplace in Spain, both for companies and executives and workers with any type of contract. This experience in Labour Law makes us very competitive in our advice, defence and protection against dismissals, termination of contracts, harassment, claims, substantial modification of working conditions and conflicts, among others.

But the advice of our legal consultants goes further. We help you manage claims for occupational accidents, compensation for damages, and actions before labour inspections.


These situations of out-of-court, judicial or insolvency conflicts require expert advice from professional legal advisors. At Certus we offer our years of experience in Spain in the event of conflicts between partners, we support you in any judicial proceedings, we collaborate in your defence in bankruptcy proceedings and we can assist you in claims for debts in bankruptcy.

Conflict situations

At Certus we are aware of the possible conflicts and disagreements that may arise between partners and parties to a contract, both in the business environment and in private matters.

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