Foreign company incorporation in Spain.

Setting up your business in Spain can be an overwhelming process. However, at Certus, we are experts in soft landing services, making the complex simple. For years we have taken care of the arrival of foreign companies that want to start doing business in Spain. We support our clients in their incorporation, as well as advising them in the different phases of the business; in this way, they start trading in Spain as quickly and agilely as possible.

The different areas in which we help you in the process of company formation in Spain include the following.

Market Knowledge and Key Players

Our market knowledge and expertise in legal and tax advice, startups, and digital consulting give us a competitive advantage. This benefit those companies that want to start doing business in Spain efficiently.

We provide soft landing services for your company. Our advice for incorporating foreign companies in Spain is comprehensive and includes first-hand knowledge of the local Spanish market. We also help you to establish the links you will need for your business to start successfully: with public institutions, banking entities, real estate agencies, human resources consultants, etc.

Choice of Legal Structure and Protection of Your Investment

We offer you all the necessary legal and tax advice during initial decision-making. This means you have all the information required for a prosperous company formation in Spain.

Doing business in Spain has never been easier. We advise you on the choice and analysis of the different corporate structures and the process of setting up companies and branches. To ensure nothing is left to chance, we will help you to manage the agreements between partners and comply with the tax and legal obligations derived from your economic activity.

Continuous Tax and Legal Advice

Starting any business requires detailed knowledge of the market and the legal framework in which it is constituted.

When starting a company in Spain, this need is no less. Need help organising this entire process?

As part of our soft landing services, we will help you with your NIE application and residence permits and provide ongoing tax advice. The latter includes the presentation of any tax return derived from the activity of your business in Spain. If necessary, we can also take care of the management of accounting and the preparation of annual accounts for the company incorporated in Spain. And, in the area of legal and labour advice, we can deal with the hiring and letting go of your company’s staff and monthly payroll management, in addition to, of course, reviewing the contracts.

Advice on Labour Matters

But our advice on labor matters goes beyond the purely administrative. Our services for the incorporation of companies in Spain include soft landing services so that your company’s personnel transfer to Spanish territory is carried out without setbacks.

Do you need information on the criteria for determining tax residence in Spain? Do you know the special regime for workers displaced to Spanish territory? Are you aware of your tax obligations in Spain? Don’t worry. At Certus, we can take care of all this and much more. We are your experts in setting up foreign companies in Spain. We can even help your workers with the search for housing and insurance, as well as with legal assistance, through our collaborators in those services.

Invest your time in growing your business, and let us take care of the rest.

Contact us and export your business.

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