At Certus we take tax services a step further, thanks to our specialised team of financial and tax advisors who are experts in taxation for companies and individuals both in Spain and at the international level.


General Taxation

Tax services that seek to integrate the decisions taken by individuals and companies to optimise their tax situation, while helping to maximise the tax advantages offered by current legislation both in Spain and internationally.

We provide expert tax advisors to companies and groups trading in Spain and internationally, as well as to individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs. Likewise, if you are looking for a specialist tax advisor for non-profit organisations, at Certus we can advise you on tax incentives for patronage. We aim for excellence in our tax advice services, with the detailed knowledge of our client’s needs at the top of the agenda, and with innovative proposals of high added value.


For individuals interested in international investments, as well as for companies that are seeking to expand their business to other markets, we highlight the following international tax advice services:

  • Non-resident income tax
  • Double taxation agreements
  • International investments
  • Foreign company incorporation in Spain
  • Optimisation of policies for displaced workers

International taxation

Our international clients benefit from the experience of our Spanish tax advisors in terms of national and international taxation. We support them in their international investments offering the comprehensive advice they need to meet their objectives in tax matters.


Tax procedures

Tax and administrative procedures can be a tedious maze if adequate advice is not available. At Certus we guide our clients in all kinds of procedures before any tax entity.

Our tax advice services cover the tax procedures involved in management, collection, sanctions and tax inspection. ikewise, our Spanish legal professionals can represent you and your company by presenting claims before the administrative or litigation courts and tribunals.

We take care of solving your tax problems
quickly so that you can focus on building your company.


Our services in this area include:

  • Advice on the restructuring of business groups
  • Design of the most efficient fiscal structure
  • Due diligence processes of the companies or assets subject to purchase, to determine the possible existence of fiscal risks
  • Implementation of the acquisition structure and supervision of compliance with the obligations that such implementation requires in Spain

Due diligence and restructuring of companies

Are you dealing with a purchase-sale transaction of companies or assets and want to avoid possible contingencies? At Certus we can offer you a comprehensive review from our tax and legal services to facilitate your journey through the process.


Tax planning for inheritance and family businesses

Tax planning for your estate and your family business can bring you unexpected benefits. Our expert tax advisors will assist you in tax planning in succession processes for your family business in Spain.

Implementation of efficient corporate structures
will allow you to optimise taxation in terms of
inheritance and donation tax and wealth tax.
In addition, we offer tax advice services such as:

  • Tax advise and planning for family businesses
  • Design and execution of fiscally efficient structures
  • Business reorganisation
  • Advice and execution of acquisition and sale processes of family businesses
  • Planning of succession processes and donations
  • Corporate governance
  • Advice to boards of directors


At Certus we are committed to innovation and the development of new business models. To this end, our team of professional legal and tax advisors will help you get the most out of your investment and take advantage of these types of incentives.
To avoid a simple administrative procedure or the difficulty in finding financing sources preventing the development of your business goals, we can help you with applications and the presentation of the necessary documentation, turning the administrative maze into a walk in the park.

Tax incentives for R&D+i

Your business can benefit from tax deductions and bonuses for investment and activities in the area of R&D+i. These deductions are intended to reward the efforts of your business.

Contact us and improve your business.

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