13 de June, 2022

The Spanish economy occupies a notorious position in the world´s economy. Spain has made a great effort to equip itself with infrastructures that facilitate the Spanish economic growth, accompanied by a strong commitment to R&D.

For foreign investors, Spain offers high business opportunities in different sectors, such as ICT, biotechnology, and aerospace sectors being the most interesting due to the added value and competitive environment that encompasses them.

On the other hand, business opportunities are not the only insight when choosing Spain as an investment destination. The quality of life, the territorial structure, and the demographic factors that characterize Spain have positioned it as one of the best countries to live in Europe, which has put the country in the sights of investors.

In this article we offer a guide to the best sectors with the greatest potential to invest in Spain in 2022:

1.       Tech

Large companies in the technology sector as Oracle or Google, have already chosen Spain as an investment destination. This list can also include rapid growth segments such as cybersecurity and video games.

Regarding cybersecurity, the sector is becoming increasingly important as a result of digital transformation and cybercrime. Cybersecurity also helps the development of IoT technologies, Big Data, and the Metaverse by protecting the information generated.

On the other hand, there is the video game sector. In recent years the growth of the industry has been relatively accelerated. The rise of Esports, leisure habits, and the development of the Metaverse are giving the gaming sector a growing audience and turning it into a business opportunity.

2.    Real Estate

Spain has become one of the favourite countries for real estate investment. In 2015 a new expansive cycle of the real estate market began, a cycle which is characterized by geographical heterogeneity, with the leaders being Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, the Balearic Islands, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and Las Palmas.

With the real estate market boom, foreign investors, both residents in Spain and non-residents, are betting more and more on Spain as an investment destination, with the Costa del Sol being one of the preferred locations

In 2021, a new record was reached in terms of purchases done by foreigners, which totaled more than 110,000 properties purchased.

In addition, investing in the real estate sector opens doors for foreign investors to obtain a  Golden Visa.

3.    Tourism

After three tough years for the sector, it is finally recovering to its pre-pandemic volume. The progress of vaccination and the removal of health restrictions have made it possible to reactivate national and international tourism. After the summer of 2022 is expected to be recovered 90% of the activity before the pandemic, reaching 135,000 million euros.

4.    Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an expanding sector that will continue to grow in the coming years. The complexity of this sector has made it necessary for all companies and has given rise to specialists in inbound marketing, content creators, SEO and SEM, and user experience. undoubtedly, a sector that is becoming larger, necessary, and competitive.

5.    Smart-Cities

In Spain, there is an increasing commitment to smart cities. It has been possible to testify in cities such as Malaga or Seville, urban development projects in which economic, social, and technological sustainability are the main goals.

Now at days, there aren´t many companies dedicated to the development of smart cities, so competitiveness is not high enough, and it may represent an opportunity for market penetration.

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