10 de September, 2018

When an entrepreneur, individual entrepreneur or corporation considers a process of expansion in Spain, a series of questions always arise that require knowledge and professional experience that can mark the future of a business project:

  • What legal vehicle do I use to start my business? Do I set up as a self-employed person? Do I create a limited company? Do I open a branch of my foreign company?
  • What responsibility do I have towards third parties (including the tax and labour authorities) as an administrator?
  • What tax obligations apply to me?
  • Do I have to keep specific accounts?
  • Do I have to register with the Social Security if I am an administrator and live abroad?
  • Do I need to apply for a residence permit if I am going to work as an employee in Spain?
  • Do I have to ask for any authorization or license to open my business?
  • Where do I locate the registered office of my business?
  • Does the European Data Protection Regulation apply to me?
  • How do I locate experts from other branches that I may need for the specific type of my business (i.e. telecommunications engineer)?

There are not a few cases of clients who come to the office for the first time desperate because they have been trying for months to register a branch or a subsidiary of a foreign parent with third parties in the Mercantile Register. For formal reasons and sometimes due to a lack of information, they see their project frustrated and what was enthusiasm and motivation turns into discouragement and reluctance.
Isn’t it true that when we are going to buy something we are passionate about, we ask the seller for detailed information to find out if the product meets our expectations? When it comes to setting up a business in Spain, it is necessary to have a local ally who always advises you professionally and in line with the market and in all places, and who is surrounded by a network of collaborators and professionals from other areas who provide services with the same level of quality and treatment as theirs.

Through softlanding in Certus Asesores we help you to answer all these questions prior to the execution of the investment. Only in this way, knowing from the beginning all the legal alternatives of interest offered by the legal and fiscal framework, that is, with the right information, you are in a right position to make decisions.

Upon request of authorization for each specific case, our own clients normally offer themselves to give references of their experience to our potential clients who may be interested first hand in knowing how a Danish businessman lived the implantation of his Danish subsidiary in Spain by the hand of Certus Asesores, or a British branch of a technological company of the telecommunications sector, or a Moroccan tile business…
Knowing what problems, satisfactions, frustrations, recommendations and/or warnings they experienced in their initiative, may in many cases be as valuable or more than the professional advice that other service providers can offer you.

In conclusion, especially if you are a foreigner or a Spaniard abroad and you are considering installing your entrepreneurial idea or expanding your business in Spain, fight for softlanding. At Certus we can help you. Our objective with softlanding is that the clients places his trust in Certus Asesores and that they take care of as little as possible of the implantation in Spain so that he can devote as much of his time as possible to what he knows best, to develop his business.

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