25 de September, 2018

As we commented a few weeks ago in our article Do you want to open your business in Spain and don’t know how? Welcome to soft landing, the business soft landing can be defined as the instrument consisting of helping expanding businesses or entrepreneurs to start operating in a country which is not their native country.

It is basically manifested in the facilitation and attraction of foreign investment, including, among other tasks, the resolution of diplomatic obstacles, the technical consultancy necessary for the correct start-up of the business and all the necessary information related to the start-up.

Although it has numerous advantages from the investor’s perspective, it also has them for the economy receiving the investment, insofar as it promotes new activities developed by the regional productive fabric, in addition to reinforcing existing activities.

For the company that comes to this instrument, and from our practical experience in Certus Asesores, some of the main advantages that are obtained are:

  • Mitigation of the economic risks linked to the investment. If we combine the lack of international experience with the high initial investment associated with an internationalisation process, we find ourselves with an important brake. Having the necessary information and advice from specialists in the target market undoubtedly reduces these burdens.
  • Benefit from the knowledge of experts in the field. In addition to the economic benefit mentioned above, in-depth knowledge of the regulations, operation and environment in which the business activity is to be carried out allows for better interaction with all the parties involved in the new market.
  • Faster internationalisation process. The processes of expansion of new businesses tend to expand over time for various reasons. Knowledge of entry barriers, willingness to take risks or the company’s experience in other internationalisation processes mark the time it takes for the business to get underway. Soft landing allows companies to considerably reduce start-up times by offering an operational, legal and commercial structure that mitigates this problem.
  • Network of contacts in the target economy. In addition to the advantages already mentioned, it is important to highlight the network of contacts received by the companies that use this instrument, something that may be essential for success in the target country, and which is manifested in a network of potential customers and the best integration from the beginning of the activity.

In short, with soft landing everything is an advantage, so we encourage you to contact Certus Asesores in case you need additional information on any aspect related to this matter.

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